Prof. Dr. Laxman Gnawali

Prof. Laxman Gnawali

Dr. Laxman Gnawali is Professor and Head of Department of Language Education. An alumnus of Kathmandu University, Nepal, University of Exeter, England, and Hornby Trust, he taught English language at primary, secondary and tertiary levels before coming to the field of EFL teacher education and training. He now leads degree and short-term EFL teacher education and trainers training programmes. He has co-authored EFL textbooks for school students and special education learners, and designed English language development courses for teachers as well. His national and international contributions include articles and book chapters on ELT methodology and materials, action research, and teacher networking and professional development.


Dr. Gnawali has contributed to the second ELT Survey of Nepal, Examination Reform Project, English Language Course Development for Primary English Teachers in South and East Asia and several other ELT related projects. He is actively involved in the ELT community in Nepal and he currently serves NELTA as its Senior Vice President. A Hornby alumnus as well as a SUSI alumnus, he currently serves NELTA as its Senior Vice President. His interests include EAP, teacher professional development, classroom pedagogy and differentiated instruction among others. He travels in and outside Nepal delivering sessions at teacher/teacher educator conferences facilitating teachers for professional development through publications, conference participations and network building.