One Year M Ed Pedagogical Studies


Kathmandu University, School of Education (KUSOED) offers high quality teacher education programs with a holistic approach, and plays a key role in developing competent teachers, trainers and educational leaders so as to contribute towards transforming pedagogical processes to be meaningful and life-affirming. The slogan of our school is “Transforming Education and Society”. The shift in educational section is needed, and thus visionary educational leaders are to be produced to transform the society through quality education.

KUSOED aims at creating an academic environment that prepares competent professionals who can provide high quality, up-to-date and relevant education and educational leadership in tertiary, secondary and primary levels of education in Nepal. The objectives of the School of Education are: to offer practical educational programs that provide knowledge and skills to address the current educational problems of Nepal; to develop trainers and teachers equipped with a variety of instructional skills, strategies, and methodologies required for creating effective teaching and learning environments; to produce and disseminate high quality teaching and learning materials; and to develop school managers and educational leaders with competent, effective management skills related to school programs.

Besides the regular academic programs, KUSOED explores the possibility of collaboration with different stakeholders. In this direction, KUSOED has proposed some of the programs to improve the quality of schools from the perspectives of academics. In this context, KUSOED has proposed one year M. Ed. Program in Pedagogical Studies. One year M. Ed. program is especially designed for in-service teachers who have completed the Master level.

One Year M. Ed. in Pedagogical Studies 


Pedagogical Studies intends to promote a global as well as local perspective of education placing new demands on learning envisaging a wide spectrum of cognitive and reflective empowerment to students and to develop skilled teachers to attain a level of excellence. This program aims at transforming teacher education into an enterprise that is grounded in teaching, research, and developing leadership in pedagogy driven by evidences to enable them to strive academically and evolve themselves as full-fledged teachers.


  • To develop and institutionalize the professional development programs for prospective and in-service teachers and to provide opportunities to obtain valuable knowledge and skills about teaching.
  • To develop the discipline of pedagogical studies with adequate theoretical and practical components with the provision for planning, teaching, adapting, institutionalizing and reflecting on classroom experience.
  • To develop Human Resource in the field of Education and Research.
  • To modernize and restructure teacher education practices with emphasis on skill development and orientation to the current instructional strategy.
  • To prepare educational and pedagogical leaders

To help teachers to prepare quality materials for instructional practices.

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One Year M. Ed Program in Pedagogical Studies