M Phil in Mathematics Education

M Phil in Mathematics Education 

Key Features of the Program:

  • Opportunities to get exposure of cutting edge research methods in mathematics education covering quantitative, qualitative and beyond.
  • Opportunities to gain insights into different facets and forms of mathematics education of Indian subcontinent, emerging Asian economies, the affluent Asia and the West.
  • Opportunities to interact with experienced, established and active scholars in the field
  • Opportunities to develop visions of what works in mathematics education as learning enterprise that enables teachers to make the subject interesting, meaningful and useful
  • Opportunities to develop skills and knowledge deemed necessary for publishing internationally
  • Opportunities to explore how you can make difference in Nepal and beyond as a mathematics education professional
  • Opportunities to learn how different technological tools be applied in mathematics education practice and research

Courses offered: 

Core (12 Cr)
  • EDUC 521- Research Methods in Education and Social Science (3)
  • Educ 522- Statistical Methods in Education and Social Science Research (3)
  • Educ 621 – Advanced Qualitative Research Methods (3)
  • Educ 622 – Advanced  Quantitative Research Methods (3)
  • EDUC 513- Writing for Professionals (1)
  • EDUC 514-Seminar: Issues in Education (1+1)
Specialization (15 Cr)
  • MTED 562 – Dimensions of Mathematics Education
  • MTED 568 – Teaching and Learning Issues in Mathematics Education
  • MTED 570 – Curricula in Mathematics Education
  • MTED 572 – Practitioner-Research in Mathematics Education
  • MTED 590- Comparative Mathematics Education
Electives any one (3 Cr)
  • MTED 600-  Mathematics as Lived/Living Experiences
  • MTED 603-  Quantitative Reasoning
  • MTED 605  – History of Mathematics
  • MTED 610 –  Evaluation issues in Mathematics Education
  • MTED 630- Ethnomathematics in mathematics education
  • MTED 640 -Transformative Education Research and Practice
  • MATH 650 -Contemporary Mathematics for Teacher Educators
Research (6 Cr)
  • EDUC 504 – Dissertation Research
Duration: 1.5  years (3-Semesters ) Class Hour: 5:30-8:30 PM
Modes: Face-to-face Venue: Kathmandu University, School of Education,  Hattiban Lalitpur
Forms Distribution:  (Dec/Jan of each year) Entry Qualification: 50% in MA/MSc/ M Ed in Mathematics or CGPA: 3