Leadership and Management

Program Description

M Ed in Leadership and Management intends to develop educational leaders who are responsible for ensuring students’ optimal learning ability in schools and these educational leaders can interpret national and global trends and issues in the school setting. An attempt will be made to impart essential knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for an effective school Principal and educational leader who can provide dynamic leadership for change and innovation, academic success and optimum satisfaction of stakeholders. The main purpose of specialization in Leadership and Management is to prepare educational leaders who can demonstrate high levels of management and leadership theoretical knowledge and skills to provide effective and efficient educational services to all learners and satisfy their stakeholders.

Admission Call

Admission calls for master level are usually announced on June/July of every year in national newspapers and in its website.

Entry Requirement

For enrolment in two-year M Ed in Leadership and Management program, the candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline (B. Ed/BA/B. Sc) or any equivalent degree recognized by Kathmandu University with minimum of 50% or CGPA 2.5/4 in aggregate.

Admission Procedure

Students’ recruitment process follows the following steps as per the rules and practice at university.

  • Take the form from the reception/download the form from the website
  • Complete the form with the documents
  • From Fee: Directly payable only through bank
  • Submit the form in the reception along with bank voucher
  • Face the Entrance tests (written and Interview)
  • One your name is the list for admission, fill the form of the admission and proceed ahead.

Enrolment Capacity

The maximum enrolment capacity of this program is 25 individuals. Each individual must pass through the enrolment process. The entry requirement does not warrantee for the admission.


The standard duration of the program is of four semesters expanding for two years. Each semester consists of 6 months. No student in any condition can extend their study duration over four years.

Course Structure

The two year M Ed program has four semesters. The program is of 60 credit hours. Each semester will have 15 Cr. There are two core courses of 6 Cr, 13 specialization courses of 39 Cr, 2 elective courses of 6 Cr and two to three practical courses of 9 Cr. The taught courses have been divided mainly into three categories: Core Courses, Specialization and elective. Core courses are common to all M Ed students. Specialization courses have been designed to develop conceptual understanding of key management and leadership ideas in educational institutes with a view to develop professionalism among the graduates in the areas of management and leadership of education. Internship and research projects are the practical courses. The details of the courses are given in the following table.

Core Courses (6 Cr) EDUC 508 Theory and Practice in Education (3)EDUC 509 Research Methodology (3)
Specialization (39 Cr)

EDLM 511 Perspectives in Educational Management and Leadership (3)EDLM 512Trends in Educational Management and Leadership (3)EDLM 513 Statistical Analysis for School Leaders (3)EDLM 514 Education Policy and Planning (3)

EDLM 515 Strategic Planning in Education (3)

EDLM 516 ICT: In School Management and Leadership (3)

EDLM 517  Development and Management of Resources (3)

EDLM 518 School Community Partnership (3)

EDLM 519 Financing School Education (3)

EDLM 521 Organization Theories and Behavior (3)

EDLM 522 Instructional Leadership (3)

EDLM 523 Program Evaluation (3)

EDLM 525 Program Development in School (3)

Elective Courses (6 Cr) (any two course)

EDLM 526 Teacher Development (3)EDLM 531 School Culture (3)EDLM 532 School Governance (3)EDLM 533 Teacher Policy (3)

EDLM 534 Integrity in Education Management and Leadership (3)

Practical Courses (9 Cr)

EDLM 541 Internship (3)EDLM 544 Research Project I (3)EDLM 554 Research Project II (3)OR

EDLM 559 Dissertation (6)

Completion Requirement

The course facilitator assigned with the course paper is entirely responsible for the evaluation. The in semester; CAS comprises 50% weightage and end semester Paper Based Test (PBT) carries the rest 50%. Students will be graded as the letter grade system in practice at KU. In order to pass, the scholar has to maintain at least C in individual course and a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) 3.0. The entire requirement must be completed within the four year time frame irrespective of the credits completed in different semesters.

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 Assistant Prof.  Dhanapati Subedi
Contact: 9841708989
Email: dpsubedi@kusoed.edu.np