One Year Leadership and Management

Education is one of the most important fields in national and international development. International actors, national authorities, communities and individuals all consider formal learning to be a key factor in “development”. The nature of the education agenda is invariably controversial.  As a result, education constitutes a rich lens for viewing the social, economic and political aspects of development.

In this fast changing world, stakeholders of education are quality conscious and are seeking education institutions that can assure quality of education at the level of their expectations. This situation demands for well versed, competent, dynamic, and change-oriented educational leaders and managers in educational organizations who are capable of adopting modern leadership and management techniques and practices. Keeping in view of current needs and requirements of educational institutions, in 2007, Kathmandu University School of Education initiated M.Ed. degree in Education Management for the purpose of preparing future educational managers and leaders who can efficiently and effectively run educational institutions in Nepal and abroad. This program was redesigned and named MEd in Leadership and Management in 2014. Now, to cater to the growing needs of educational professionals in Nepal, KUSOED has proposed one year MEd in Leadership and Management.

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