IIER excellent paper award!

KUSOED PhD scholar won the IIER Excellent paper award 2017

KUSOED PhD scholar Debendra Prasad Adhikari won the IIER Excellent paper award 2017. He presented a paper on “Life of Female Combatants in Post-conflict Nepal: The Denial of War Time Truth and Struggle of Reintegration” at the 131st IIER international Conference on 16-17 October, 2017 which was held in Zurich, Switzerland. The paper, based on qualitative interview with … ex-combatant women living with their families in villages, reveals that the perception of the villagers of the female ex-combatants is not so positive even through the contribution the female ex-combatants made to change the political system in Nepal. The post-conflict life of the female ex-combatants who live in the villages is harder than their life at war, even after such a big social and political change in society. The IIER is the International Institute of Engineers and Researchers, and the award was handed out at this year’s International Conference on Social Science and Economics. He has been perusing a PhD under a project Gender Equality, Peace and Security in Nepal and Myanmar. The project was funded by Norwegian Research Council. Adhikari was hosted by Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) for a semester from May till October 2017. Read more….!